Cola Ice NicSalt Samurai Light

Samurai Light NicSalt Cola Ice features a tropical and cooling blend of Cola and Ice. Summer Holidays have a special treat for you. Cola Ice vape E-juice is a deeply refreshing and intoxicating vape that explodes with cola flavor. Each puff of Cola Ice E-liquid is like a refreshing sip of your favorite cola drink.

With each inhale of Cola Ice vape juice there is a sugary and syrupy cola flavor that bathes the palate and cools down your tongue. Gradually, bright lemon flavor adds a touch of citrus to the vaping experience. On the exhale, cold menthol goodness balances out the flavor profile.

Flavor Profile: Cola, Menthol.

VG/PG Ratio: 50 / 50

Weight N/A
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Samurai Light



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Beverage / Ice