Taro Ice SaltNic Samurai Light

Samurai Light NicSalt Taro Ice, our Taro flavor stays true to the root. An earthy scent with a slightly nutty taste and hints of vanilla creates a subtly sweet and mild vaping experience. Taro is generally considered to be an acquired taste. With a genuine earthy, but sweet feel, this Taro flavoring tastes just like the real thing! We recommend combining it with a sweet dessert flavor concentrate like Creamy Vanilla to create the perfect Taro Ice cream vape juice.

Instantly delivers the richest vanilla Taro ice cream flavor on the inhale. This taste is so intense that you will truly feel like you just stuck a spoonful of real vanilla ice cream into your mouth. On the exhale, iced ice cream flavor with a hint of fruity goodness adds layers of indulgent sweetness to the flavor profile.

Flavor Profile: Taro, Ice cream, Menthol.

VG/PG Ratio: 50 / 50

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Samurai Light



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Creamy / Ice