Imperial Rustica

Imperial Rustica, If you are trying to kick off your smoking habit, we know that it is going to be tough, especially when you are craving the strong nicotine taste. This is where e-liquids could come to your rescue. Switching to vaping will help you get the necessary kick you need but in a safer way.

Imperial has lots of e-liquid options to choose from which will satisfy everyone’s tastebuds. They also have combinations of flavours to give a unique taste, which you will not find anywhere else! Rustica is one such juice that comprises three natural flavours: Madagascar vanilla, custard, and honey. The floral essence of vanilla along with the creaminess of custard and sweetness of honey makes it such a beautiful and unique blend that you will not be able to resist. What’s even better is that the e-liquid is steeped for around 6 weeks to ensure the flavours will last on your tastebuds long after you are done vaping. It goes under the name Imperial and is manufactured by Cedar Labs, UK.

Flavor Profile: Custard, Madagascar Vanilla, Honey

PG/VG Ratio: 70/30

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Nicotine Level