Pina Colada Ice Samurai Light

Samurai Light Pina Colada Ice. Well, the good news is you won’t have to book a flight or pack your bags to get there. Cedar Labs is now your vaping booking agent thanks to Pina Colada Ice by Samurai Light E-Liquid.

With every inhale, tangy pineapple gently flows across the tongue, teasing each taste bud along the way. Next, creamy coconut trickles down the throat, bringing more paradise that’s much needed. When exhaling, the milkiness and vanilla creaminess both round it all out flawlessly.

Flavor Profile: Pineapple, Coconut, Menthol.

VG/PG Ratio: 70 / 30

Weight N/A
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Samurai Light



Nicotine Level



Fruit / Ice